Club Name - Sponsorship

Toronto ARES Group. The primary group is not directly sponsored by any club. The Group is a branch of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) activity sponsored by Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.

Area Covered - Affiliations

All of the City of Toronto. Lake Ontario to Steeles Avenue which is the border with York Region. From the city of Mississauga on the west to the city of Pickering on the east. The Group has a direct affiliation with the City of Toronto Office of Emergency Management and operates the ARES radio room (VA3EOT) permanently installed as a part of the Toronto Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). The Group also works directly with Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) in support of the VE3EMO station located in the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre. The Group operates the ARES radio (VE3EST) equipment permanently installed in the Operations Centre of City of Toronto Community and Neighbourhood Services. An ARES station (VA3RCT) will be operated by the Group at a Toronto Red Cross location as needed.

Club Meeting Time and Location

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The club does not hold regular meetings but will hold meetings in local eating places or at either the Toronto or the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre whenever an up coming event requires coming together for a specific event. Available group members currently meet daily on the air at 11.00 am and 6.00 pm so that any current event news re any emergency happenings in the city can begin to be given out. Various other nets are also held on Saturday and Sunday or as required.

Club Nets - Frequencies / Times

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The Toronto ARES Group holds a roll call training and exercise net on a VE3GTU repeater frequency on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 6.00 pm. On Tuesday and Thursday the net is held on simplex frequencies. The net first calls for emergency messages and then goes through a roll call procedure. A more informal chat net is held daily at 11.00 am on a VE3GTU repeater.

Area Frequencies liable to be used during an emergency event

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Simplex Ch 21 146.460 MHz
Simplex Ch 22 146.400 MHz
Simplex Ch 41 446.025 MHz
Simplex Ch 42 446.050 MHz
Repeater 2A - VA3GTU 145.130 MHz(-)(103.5)
Repeater 2B - VE3TNC 147.270 MHz(+)
Repeater 2C - VE3WOO 145.110 MHz(-)( 82.5)
Repeater 2E - VE3SKY 146.985 MHz(-)
ARES Main VHF Repeater 2A VE3GTU 145.130 MHz (103.5)
ARES Main UHF Repeater 4A VE3GTU 442.375 MHz (103.5) located in Don Mills.
ARES UHF Repeaters Linked - 444.850 / 443.750 / 442.800 / 442.075 (103.5 on all)
A regional 6 Meter VE3SIX Repeater Net is held on 53.030 Saturday night at 8.30 pm.
A local Toronto 6 Meter VA3ECT Repeater Net is held on 53.390 Saturday night at 9.00 pm.
The Toronto Area ARES operation is based on the following plan -
  • 2 meters will be used to communicate with units at a disaster scene
  • 70 cm (440) will be used to communicate between agency control stations
  • 6 meters will be used to communicate with regional EOC control stations
  • HF 75 / 40 meters) will be used to communicate across the province
  • PSK-31 will be used to pass traffic in digital format on a suitable band

This website, is maintained by John Meskes, VE3POJ, for the Toronto ARES Group. Email can be sent to the webmaster via the feedback form.
Updated: Apr.27/10